La Buena Vida is an international cashflow service and lifestyle initiative that enables qualified individuals to earn money everyday from home and more…

  • it allows you to access discounted and free lifestyle package globally.
  • Tap into its cash compounding business service to generate funds for business or project.
  • Enables you access effective Health maintenance Organization(HMO) services
  • Enables you to own your dream homes through our E-block channels.
  • Allows you to access discounted and free exquisite vacations across choice locations globally.

We are over 250,000 partners strong and counting.

Hundreds of our la buena vida members makes average of a million Naira monthly.

Thousand of our members are making  less than N999,000 monthly.

Former American President, John F Kennedy said in his famous inaugural speech “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” the quote perfectly illustrate the mind of the President, La Buena vida 2.0 Ambassador Michael Okoli when he initiated Feed the family project back in 2018, it was to feed 100 family which was good, last year 2019 was increased to 5000 families which was great but this year 2020, it was feed 50,000 family season 3 and it was amazing going by the massive turn out of the people whose daily income and means of livelihood were affected by the economic downturn caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

La Buena vida is all about making people to live a good life in their terms. Ambassador Mike having discovered the secrets started mentoring both old and young, male and female on how to be financially independent using their social capital. Talking about what you can give to your country, Ambassador Mike has made it his vision to raise and mentor 50,000 ordinary Nigerians to become multimillionaire by the year 2024.

What are you waiting for? Join the leagues of potential multi-millionaires today. Start earning a daily income today and change your life for good – in your own terms.

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La buena vida is an amazing business model…

In la buena vida all committed members are subjected to sound training and mentorship, which helps them to leverage from a team of partners that connects breakthrough products, ensures a long lasting and growing business model where all partners can also have a share value of all products.

Thereby creating a large stream of daily income through the business system. You have the capacity to make daily income from all products that move through the business organization globally without having to sell products.

This daily income continues to infinity.

This is not a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme. 

We are simply a non traditional business that provides the common man and woman with the uncommon opportunity and value to create their own financial economy.

Let us show you how you can dominate the financial world and own your life back from financial struggles and life of never enough.

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