Here is a step-by-step explanation of the registration process of La Buena Vida – Nigeria’s best business opportunity. 


Choose any of the packages: The first step to take in joining La Buena Vida opportunity is to decide which of the packages you want to purchase. You can check out the AIM Global Compensation Plan to know how the multiple accounts works. 

See below for the price of each package… 

1 Centre (Starter package) – N44,888

3 Centres (Entrepreneur Package) – N134,664

7 Centres (International Package) – N314,216

Pay: Transfer or deposit the amount due to the package of your choice into any of the AIM Global Company Account below, you can deposit to the nearest branch to you.  

Access Bank– AIM GLOBAL NIG LTD –  0689695216

Zenith Bank — AIM GLOBAL NIG LTD – 1130070042 

Kindly make sure you pay with the name you will like to register with in La Buena Vida. 

Contact Us: Send your payment confirmation (teller, screenshot – if transfer) to 0809-314-5641 alongside your: 


First Name 

Middle Name

Phone Number


Date of Birth

Email Add 

You will be registered within 1 hour – 6 hours upon confirmation of your payment. Your package can also be sent (upon request ) to the address of your choice or we arrange a pick up for you at any of our offices near you. 

Follow the above steps and you will be on board with C21FG La Buena Vida without any hassle.  

We are looking forward to working with you in achieving success with La Buena Vida project.

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  1. Ekeocha Paschal Akujobi Reply

    Why does it take longer period of time to encode the accounts of a new prospect. Someone that paid for the fifteen accounts is yet to be fully encoded

  2. Ekeocha Paschal Akujobi Reply

    Why is it that some leaders feel like God to their downliners?

    • C21FG is always there to help and support you in this business. Please visit any of the leaders’ office close to you and complain about your challenges. They will certainly be resolved.

  3. Very surprised that you can’t get something in la Buena vida until you get some one rigister why?you aren’t imform me first and device me am fine myself regret to be your customer.

  4. Very surprised that you can’t get something in la Buena vida until you get some one rigister why?you aren’t imform me first and device me am fine myself regret to be your customer.

    • Call me on 08093145641 so that i can help you with your challenges. Or better contact your direct upline and see how they can help you overcome your challenges. Have no regrets please. C21FG is always there for you

  5. Babalola Olukunle Sugarray Reply

    Please I need ur mobile enquiry line and also ur location in Abuja

  6. The person that introduce this oganisation to me told that i don’t have to pay money before starting

    • Hi Adamu, yes you don’t have to pay money to register. Your purchase of any of the products package automatically gets you started as a connector.


    I love dis la Buena vida and this la Buena vida is helping many people to become from from grass to grace so we very very grateful 4 this business thanks

  8. Pls do I need to register people before I can benefit from the program. Is it a networking business??

    • Yes it is the best networking business ever! It pays you daily and it has a superb system that will make your journey an amazing one. You will easily succeed and make all the money you want using the simple, proven system.

  9. After reg how long will it take for one to start reaping the proceeds.

    • The time it takes for you to reap from the business depends on the work you put into the business. If you follow the system, you will succeed within the average time it takes for most people to succeed. You may start reaping from day one if you work towards it

  10. Abubakar Abbas Reply

    I love this because it will bring you out from the recession we are now, may God Re-bless this business. Thanks

  11. Omotoso Gnoyega Samuel Reply

    If I invest the 314,200 what w be mine returning investment in a year ..

    • It is a business where you determine what you earn. Mr A may have a goal of earning 3 million Naira within the first year, while your goal may be 10 million naira. It is not an investment scheme and you have zero risk in the business. I can help you get started by first creating a financial goal and then i will show you the fastest and easiest way to achieve that goal in your business. Call 08035961970 and make the best decision of your life.

  12. Aimee pearl Reply

    gud evening sir, pls wats the real company account that everyone in this business pays into

  13. Aimee pearl Reply

    Can someone pays installmentally to be accepted as a full member and start earning cos maybe no enough money to pay at once?

    • I can help you with a good arrangement. Call 08035961970. But for your full membership to be activated, you are required to make full payments for any of the packages

  14. Rose Zamani Reply

    Pls I have registered and I have received my good and bonus but how do I transfer my bonus to my main bank account for withdrawal.

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