The Amazon project is on a mission to raise a group of beautiful, intelligent, strong and financially independent women in Nigeria and around the world.

The average Nigerian lady and most women around the world sits in a position of systemic disadvantage. This is because they are mostly not financially independent, and are prone to be abused or taken advantage of in various ways.

There is good news and that is a coming from a group of women who have defied the odds. These strong, beautiful, intelligent and independent women had started the Amazon project so that they can help other women do the things they have done to break the glass ceiling to unlock their potential. This women are also called Amazon ambassadors.

The Amazon project
The Amazon project Nigeria – C21FG international

If you want to achieve your dreams and become financially free don’t waste any more time to join the Amazons.

Get started now and meet the other women in the Amazon project who are passionate about helping you become the best you become and also helping you empower other women.

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